a company of beautiful people for a beautiful career

this is what motives redstone’s employees to improve themselves and make legend. “a company of beautiful people” means linking every employee together. we are an efficient and hardworking team.

“a beautiful career” indicates the art related industry and the vast career platform. combining the company’s long term goal and employees’ own career, redstone encourage every employee to achieve their personal career goal through achieving the redstone's goal. at the same time, they could really learn something from the art industry and become more beautiful and excellent.

hard working

luxury is a detailed oriented industry. redstone has extreme high standard for its brands’ products and services. we are aware of that we can only make best luxury brand by focusing on details and working hard.

the luxury products were born in china, but luxury industry was developed in europe. it’s very rare to see chinese people working in luxury industry for the past hundreds of years. as a chinese company, we have to work hard to work with others in the world.


being philanthropic could make the world great.

redstone treats every employee and customer seriously; we give back to the society by providing sincere services and integrity management. redstone makes efforts and provides value by paying attention, support and participate in the sustainable development of the society.

redstone is the only company that employees donate money to charity in a monthly basis in china.our employees regard the philanthropy as a habit. when they make donations, they could gain something more valuable than the money.


pursuing happiness is our lives’ purpose. pursing a higher level happiness and health is what luxury means for. beside the joy of providing the products and services, company hopes every employee could have a positive attitude toward life.

happiness comes from the abundance of life.

happiness comes from satisfaction of self-achievement and hard-working.

happiness comes from the sharing and help to others.

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