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unique luxury management strategy

by seeking excellent and low-key italian luxury brand, and combining redstone’s unique luxury management strategy and the culture of this italian brand, we can make the brand globally and successfully. this is redstone’s innovative business model. 

an excellent entrepreneurial platform

redstone’s multi-brand and global development strategy offer many opportunities to its employees to develop their own career. we want to make sure that every employee has his/her own career path and goal based on his/her talent and creativity. furthermore, employees could potentially earn some company’s shares based on their contributions.

synergy and resources sharing

redstone is a big platform which has numerous human, capital and market resources in luxury industry. we also have luxuriant merchandise operation experiences and successful business cases.

every brand in redstone is independent and autonomous, but every brand shares same resources on one big platform, and develop simultaneously.

brand heritage

redstone appreciates and understand every brand’s culture, history and essence, including high quality cloth and time-consuming handmade process. by operating the brand, redstone combines each brand’s old tradition and modern style, and makes each brand more meaningful.

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