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i prefer all happenings that are spontaneous, well-reasoned and meant to be. although for years i have immersed myself in education of various fields, the passion for art and fashion have never faded along the way. indeed, i have always demanded myself to strive for a perfect combination of professional skills, personality and aesthetic standards in everything that i accomplish. thus, when i sailed to the port called redstone, i felt my heart beating firmly without hesitation. the open-minded as well as challenging atmosphere here in redstone is the one-of-a-kind ideal place for me to learn and grow.i feel blessed as i went on this destined journey. and nothing is more joyful when i am empowered by the value coming out from my own yield. 

addr:no. 4018 jintian road, futian district, shenzhen city, china • allianz building, 15b