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redstone steps into top us business school

from april 13 to 15, 2016, redstone haute couture is invited to step into harvard business school and mit sloan school of management to discuss with mba candidates about the future prospect of luxury industry, the entrepreneurship project for redstone newly acquired brand and career development opportunities.

during the business school information session, mr. zhao yizheng, ceo of redstone haute couture, introduces the company value in persistence and innovation since establishment. mr. zhao also shares the company current business mode and future multi-brand and internationalization corporation strategy. acquisition of new italian brand is not only the beginning of corporation future development, but also provides new stage for employee self-actualization.


with the internet development and the age structure change of consumers, luxury industry currently meets with the dilemma. however, in spite of fluctuations, redstone still keeps growing in sales amount and makes further development at the same time. seeking opportunities from the predicament, redstone creates the miracle in luxury industry. redstone coming to top business school hopes to hunt for brilliant talents with entrepreneurship. combining with the accumulated operation experience, redstone wishes mutual development with talents.  

during the communication with mba candidates, students refers that in the past working experience, they perform as executive managers. while the intention of mba courses is to train real leaders, students should not only make integrated analysis of business operation mode, but also solve difficulties in creative ways and develop potential capacity. 


entrepreneurship can be in kinds of forms, while obsession to the original inspiration and persistence to objectives should never change. there is no shortcut to success. both aspirations to goals and courage to explore could facilitate the change from the executive managers to elite leaders.

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