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on october 12th, giada 2019 spring and summer big show was reappeared at the pavilion of the snake art museum in beijing's wangfu central. on the night of the big show, giada launched the theme exhibition “art to art”. double pearl tonghui, to present the new completion and unveiling ceremony of giada greater china flagship store in beijing wangfu central.

at 18:18, the italian design team led by giada brand executives, giada creative director gabriele colangelo, claudio silvestrin, giada global flagship store architect, ms. zhang yu, editor of vogue china, and the representative of the italian consulate in china. mr. rick hwang, the senior member of hong kong land group, attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony. under the witness of the national political and business celebrities, art ladies, authoritative fashion media and giada top vip, the ribbon-cutting guests gave a short speech and shared their deep emotional connection with giada. from the heartfelt appreciation of the brand, sincere attachment and good wishes, this night and the pleasing violin concerto engraved into the flowing rift, will also accompany giada's next paragraph.


after the ribbon-cutting ceremony, the art exhibition with the theme “art to art” was immediately unveiled. giada uses the expression of image creation to connect the brand with the art world. the exhibition features giada's advertising campaigns that have been performed by international supermodels over the years, as well as two exclusive video works created by vogue italia's famous italian filmmakers for giada. the first video, co-produced by enrico marzico and alvin graziano, demonstrates giada's exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail with its unique innovation and modern perspective, demonstrating the core brand value of giada's 100% made in italy. the second video was created by alex tacchi. as a filmmaker and fashion film editor, his videos are highly compatible with giada's minimalist style, refining and presenting giada's elegant, modern and luxurious fashion attitude.


the art exhibition area and the show design of this big show are all designed by the famous italian art space master giuseppe silvestrin. the simple and powerful arched lights echo the soft and soft of the cantilever beam and the cable. the mirror reflects the greenery in the center of the show. the cracks of light extend infinitely from the mirror along the showway and the exhibition area, opening a light and mirror art channel for the guests in the pure and innocent night sky background.

 crossing it, feeling the warm atmosphere of family in the space of art and nature; seating in the show area, enjoying the 2019 spring and summer beijing fashion show brought by the original model and executive team of giada milano show in beijing; in the big show of creative director gabriele colangelo, one can feel the depth and aesthetic significance of the space that is beyond the imagination. this is a gift from giada to everyone who gathers this night.


from the renaissance of the brera library in milan to the gentleman's way of the beijing pavilion in the serpentine art museum; from the dolomites in the back of italy to the blue-brick walls of the belle hall in beijing, this night blurs the time. the starting point and focus, like the long dream of being drunk in the classical abyss, and awakening the next time and space of qing dynasty. through the mirror of giada, we can see the blend of ancient and modern, the collision of history and the future, and the new unity of humanity and nature. travel in art, mirror habitat, everything is one.

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