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2019 redstone summer party · shenzhen

on july 18th, redstone 2019 summer party was held in sheraton shenzhen dameisha hotel. redstone's luxury management team and luxury sales elites gathered in shenzhen, facing the sea, listening to the sound of the waves, planting enthusiasm, love and ideals under the moonlight.

long summer days with beautiful dreams, it is the golden era. in the hot summer, the weather was scorching hot by the beachside. however, thanks to the sprinkling of rainwater, the air was then suddenly filled with fresh and moist atmosphere.  

in the coolness after a heavy rain, reflecting the poetic sunset of, the hosts and everyone retrospected the milestones that redstone has achieved over the past half year.


on this special day, there were friends who came from afar. at the opening of the party, mr. roberto colombo, who is the chairman of luigi colombo, mr. giorgio marcarino, who is the ceo of fratelli tallia di delfino, and mr. giuseppe bartolucci, who is the chairman of twb, respectively, adressed redstone's love for italian culture, the unremitting persistence to dreams and wish that tomorrow will be better.

later, mr. zhao gave a short speech, accompanied by the sea breeze and the bright moon, started the 2019 summer cocktail party.


the water-ballet performance of the famous chinese synchronized swimming team was splendid and impressive; the graceful and powerful dance moves were shinning in the night. the "snap lyrics" game competition was very interesting, when redstoners sang their talents out loud. the sounds were lingering alongisde the beach, and the beautiful singing voices circling in the air for a long time and finaly drifted into distance.


the sea is rising in the moonlight, and the stars were reflected in the sea. in the midsummer, the most vibrant season of the year, redstoners stand together with love, and are not afraid of any difficulties ahead. the time after the rain is even fresher, more beautiful, and more fragrant.

the reason why redstoners are always unafraid of  obstacles is because they have a firm belief, a pure heart and a corporate culture of "diligence, charity, and happiness" are deeply rooted in every redstoner's heart. there is a chinese old saying - "three thousand miles of the river flows east into the sea." redstoners toasted together, looking at the galaxy, witnessing the beautiful chapter of 2019.


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